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Starting YouTube – Yae or Nae… that is the question.

For a long time now I’m been pondering about starting a YouTube Channel for my photographic art. Honestly, I’ve hummed, harred and debated about it for years.  I love YouTube and follow a fair few channels on different subjects, but I kept butting my head again the issue of why for my own channel?  I mean there are tons of really good art and photography channels so what could I bring to the table that was different.  

Mara Acoma Photographic Art YouTube Channel
Mara Acoma Photographic Art YouTube Channel

I couldn’t quite get my head around what type of channel to have.  I knew I didn’t want to make tutorials or review gear etc so what to do?  I’m still not 100% sure of the answer but it definitely involves just being myself.  I get ridiculously excited about my images and aspects of what I do, not just the creative parts.  So that’s the plan, make videos about what I do.

So what can you expect?  Behind the Scenes style videos about the creation of my artworks, including the development of concepts and the actual photoshoots.   Vlogs about other aspects of life as a photographic artist and parts of my life related to photography and art.  Plus the odd random thing when it just feels right.

YouTube Channel – Mara Acoma Photographic Art

A selection of the videos will be shown to my Patrons first, some will be shown only to them and a few will go public on the channel straight away for everyone.

It’ll take me a while to feel my way with this but honestly, I’m excited to finally be doing it.  I’m sure I’ll make mistakes with it along the way but you know what?  That’s all part of the fun.

The first couple of videos are already live and the list of upcoming videos seems to grow every time I think about it.  Here’s the direct link if you’d like to check it out. 

(Oh and if you’re interested in exclusive and early access why not consider becoming a Patron?  It costs as little as a $1 a month and you get access to extra videos and blogs and it really helps me keep going).

Take care…