Threshold from The Ghost Project by Mara Acoma

“To glimpse into the other worlds is a precious gift”

To straddle the worlds, to find our own existence at the threshold of uncertainty betwix and between, is something not everyone can do or cope with. It’s scary. It requires us to leave our comfort zones, that which is familiar to us and open ourselves up to other possibilities.

The ‘normal’ world tries to convince us to conform, to stay away from other possibilities and simply follow blindly whatever we are told. To not question or explore on our own, to simply follow the path before us. But surely the only paths worth following are those which resonate in our hearts, not those which are imposed upon us.

Join me on the spiritual ‘Journey’ into other worlds…

The Ghost Project Prints
The Ghost Project Prints

(£100 – Mounted with Certificate of Authenticity)

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