The Ghost Project

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“What lies just outside of our vision? Are there ghosts all around us, just out of sight? Are there lost souls a breath away? What if we could see them? If I died tomorrow, what would my ghost do? Where would it go?”

At the start of 2012 Mara came face to face with the very real possibility of becoming the last surviving member of her family when her mother became critically ill with cancer. It was the start of a life changing journey taking her love of art and photography into a new direction.During her illness her mother experienced several Near Death Experiences which combined with Mara’s own search for spiritual answers promted her to question what might happen beyond death. If ghosts are our echos she wondered what her ghost do and why? The Ghost Project was born.

After her mothers passing Mara turned the project into a book in conjunction with the University of Sunderland Futures Fund.

First edition copies are now held in the collections of both the University of Sunderland and the University of Kent.

The Images

Limited Edition and Signed Prints