The Entropy Garden

“Some places are special, forming a relationship with us akin to a friend or companion.  Embodying past memories and future dreams in an external locus for our consciousness and memory, an oasis from the modern digital world. A place where everything is possible that still somehow ground us in reality.  A place where we can be at peace and simple be.”

In this modern fast-paced world packed full of expectations to constantly be productive, do more, cheaper and while you’re at it faster, we all need a special place. Somewhere which grounds us back to the earth and reminds us that we are only human. That we form part of a vast web of beings in this world and we don’t have to do everything ourselves.
The Entropy Garden is such a place for Mara. The garden was originally founded by her father but fell into disuse after he became too frail to care for it. It remained this way for close to 15 years before Mara took over the role of its steward. Slowly along with the help of her husband the garden is transforming once again. A fine balancing act between retaining it’s wilder elements, which Mara loves, elements of it’s older structures set out by her father and giving nature room to breath and grow.
The garden has many ‘unusual’ elements including a clootie tree. A self-seeded tree by an old pond which now carries many manmade clooties on its branches. Each forming a memory, wish or dream.