A Bus Called Bertha

Film following the return of a bus undergoing restoration to her original depot to recreate an old photo and run her old route one more time.

His Missing Voice

When a family member disappears from the home, friends and family often rally round to provide support for those remaining. There will be tea and sympathy, cuddles and a shoulder to cry on. Yet it’s not always possible to explain what is happening to all members of the household. What if you’re only small, can’t […]

The Ghost Project by Mara Acoma

The Ghost Project

“What lies just outside of our vision? Are there ghosts all around us, just out of sight? Are they lost souls, hiding just outside our normal vision? What if we could see them? If I died tomorrow, what would my ghost do? Where would it go?” At the start of 2012 Mara came face to […]


For millennia the imagining of a ‘perfect society’ or ‘just state’ has been a pastime for men of learning. A philosophical exercise or discourse often presented as an account of a traveller’s journey to a far distant land. In reality the journey is into the realms of the mind, a pilgrimage of thought to a better way of being.

The journey continues.

The Entropy Garden by Mara Acoma

The Entropy Garden

The Entropy Garden Some places are special, forming a relationship with us akin to a friend or companion. Embodying past memories and future dreams in an external locus for our consciousness and memory, an oasis from the modern digital world. A place where everything is possible that still somehow ground us in reality. A place […]