Cyanotype Cufflinks – Pentagram


A beautiful individual pair of silver plated Cyanotype Pentagram cufflinks made from handmade Cyanotype prints.  Cufflinks measure 20mm across and come in a presentation box.  The final photo shows a sample pair boxed.

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Beautiful pair of silver plated cufflinks with handmade Cyanotype Pentagram Prints embedded inside.  The cufflinks measure 2cm across.  They come in a presentation box making them perfect gifts.  The final photo shows a sample pair boxed.

What is a Cyanotype?

Well, a Cyanotype Print is a photographic image which traces it’s origins back to the 19th Century and is known for it’s iconic Prussian blue and white colouring.  The prints are created by exposing treated paper to UV light, either from a lamp or using sunlight.  The print can then be ‘developed’ in water which is when the beautiful blue colour appears.  These handmade prints are then embedded in the pendant behind a glass dome for you to enjoy and wear as individual pieces of wearable art.

Cyanotypes were developed by Sir John Herschel (of astronomy fame) in 1842.  The first book to be illustrated using photographic images used the process and was published by Anna Atkins in 1843.  The process then went on to be used by engineers to create ‘blueprints’ well into the 20th century.

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