Photographic Alchemy – Analogue Photographic Art

Hand coating paper for Cyanotype Prints

The Magic of Analogue Photographic Art

With the invention of digital photography, many proclaimed that film and analogue photography was dead. Yet those who have experienced the magic is a darkroom know that will never be true especially when it comes to analogue photographic art. Analogue and ‘Alternative’ photography creates unique images which digital simply can’t duplicate. Additionally, their purely physical nature creates a very different personal relationship between the photographer or artist and the photographic images produced.

Lumen Prints
Lumen Prints

“Working in a darkroom is an immersive experience that borders on meditative”

“There is something magical about watching an image physically manifest…”

Vintage Lubitel Camera
Vintage Lubitel Camera

Hand Darkroom Print

“There is something very special about wearing a unique piece of photographic art”

Mara also creates photographic art jewellery with unique handmade prints embedded inside.

Cyanotype and Lumen Print jewellery is available to purchase in the online shop or directly from Mara at events.

Antique Lace Cyanotype Silver Plated Pendant with Chain and Presentation Box

Mara works with a variety of cameras and formats as well as cameraless photographic processes. It’s not just about the final image but the journey you take to create it.