Journey from The Ghost Project by Mara Acoma

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

We all make many journeys throughout our lifetimes. Some are short and easy, but others are long and hard. We might even put off those which we know will be difficult and fraught with distress. Occasionally though the decision is taken out of our hands and we either chose to travel with courage or allow the world to overwhelm us.

That was the choice I faced when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She started on what would ultimately become her final journey and I needed to chose how I would travel alongside her. How much of her burden would I carry for her? How much could I carry for her? The Ghost Project grew out of that time with her, and this image more than any other in the project reminds me that life is a journey both physically and spiritually. I may not be able to physically walk by her side anymore but spiritually she has never left mine.

Join me on the spiritual ‘Journey’ into other worlds…

The Ghost Project Prints
The Ghost Project Prints

(£100 – Mounted with Certificate of Authenticity)

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