The Denizens

The Denizens by Mara Acoma
The Denizens by Mara Acoma
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Journey into the mystical world of the Denizens. A realm of Ghosts, Spirits, Gods and Goddesses.

The Denizens continues the journey started in The Ghost Project and explores those hidden worlds just beyond our vision which we can still sometimes sense. Invisible realms which overlap with our own, populated by archetypes, spirits, the Fae and even the Gods.

In ‘The Ghost Project‘ Mara explored the idea of resolving your life using imagery of near-death experiences and self-discovery. The Denizens follows on by continuing the spiritual journey outside of the self into the realm of spirit and the soul.

'The Veil Between' from The Denizens
‘The Veil Between’ from The Denizens

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