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Introducing ‘The Autumnal Green Man’ and ‘The Denizens’.

Meet ‘The Autumnal Green Man’ from my new series ‘The Denizens’. Isn’t he a handsome chap? I’m biased of course since the ‘model’ is my husband.

The Autumnal Green Man from The Denizens by Mara Acoma

Earlier in the week, I sat down to write today’s blog and I knew I wanted to show you this image and introduce my new series. I attempted to write all about the concepts, the big picture and the difficulty of putting all those things into words at the start of a conceptual project. I wrote about how challenging I was finding it to put everything into a couple of succinct paragraphs.

In fact, I became so wound up in it all I developed a headache! So let’s forget about all the regular ‘arty’ artists statements right now (or I’ll get a full-blown migraine) and just stick to the basics. New work called The Denizens which follows on from The Ghost Project. In fact, you can think of The Ghost Project as the introduction to this new larger work. There we go, that’s probably all anyone needs to know right now, let’s simply allow this project to reveal itself in its own time (and save me a fortune in painkillers).

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